Enhanced DBS Checks

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks are now called Disclosure and Barring Service
(DBS) checks.
To get a job in certain sensitive sectors, such as working with children, you may need to
show that your record is clean. Not only the criminal record, but the lists of people barred
from working with children for other reasons. Only employers and certain licensing
bodies can request an Enhanced DBS check, job applicants can’t do one on themselves;
you can’t check your own ID, someone has to check it for you. Instead, an individual can
apply for a basic disclosure, but this only shows unspent sentences and doesn’t check
the barred lists so is not accepted by most employers.
We can apply for an Enhanced DBS Check for you, but we charge an administration fee on top of the
government fees.
We can also enrol you on the update service, for a small extra charge, so your certificate
is available online and continuously updated so you never have to apply for a new one